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We werestanding by thebed, and Larry started to undress me, my tank top first. Ashe slid mytank up, Icould feel thematerial dragging againstmy hardened nipples;the friction feltlike burning sparkson my tits.My firm breastswere fully exposed and ready. Iwas on fire.Larry then startedto explore mybosom and gentlymassaged my twobeauties, being carefulnot to touchthe nipples, whichso badly needed his gentle touch.

"No problem there,"Joan giggled softly as she tooglanced along thecorridor.

"I don'tgive a shitif it wasMongolian, you betterfind me somethingquick or I'llfire your jerk-offass!" she said in a scratchyvoice. Duane walked away with hishead down andthought what next?

I pull away"Miss way, Ilove you." Yousmile and pullme back tokissing. WE stumbleover to yourdesk, you pushme down onto it, knocking everything off it.You pull away and rip openmy shirt inlust and kissesyou way done my chest. Ilay my head back breathing faster.I suddenly feel you unzip andunbutton my pantsand pull themdown with myboxers. You kneeldown and startto kiss aroundmy hard throbbingcock. Then withone smooth motion,you cup onehand over myballs and take my cock allthe way inyour mouth. Imoan load, feeling your tongue alongthe underside ofmy cock asyou bob youhead up anddown it. Youalmost pull itout of youmouth, then goback down.

"Cum right now."

She says" ifyou want abirthday to remember you will allowme to continue." My heartracing I allow her to continuewith what shewas doing. Ican feel hertie my wrists in what feelslike silk. Aftershe ties them,she pulls themabove my headand secures thento the headboard.I can hearher tying themwondering just whatshe is uptoo. And justwhen I thinkit can getno stranger sheties both myankles and pulls me spread eagle on the bed.Normally I wouldn'tmind this butnot being ableto see itmakes me alittle nervous.

Suddenly Jenny snapped back to thepresent and jerkedupright, "God, whatif somebody comes"she gasped.

Wondering what my wifethought of this,made me startmumbling excuses. Finally,she said, "Iwill explain". "Asyou know, Erin and I havebecame good friends,you also know that I wouldnever cheat onyou, and finally,I am 100%convinced you wouldnever cheat onme, especially afterI heard whathappened tonight". AsI started tomumble again shesaid "stop"! "Whathappened here wasa simple bet".Erin and Iflirted around onenight, but left it at that.Then I saidto her, ifTin won't fuckyou, I will!""She had two-weeksto do itand failed". Sotonight honey, Ipay my betto her andwe have bothagreed you maystay and watch".

My whole body was coming outof the endof my dick.I could seeyour eyes open in amazement. Ihad never shotlike that, butyou kept swallowingwhat you couldand when Islowed down, youlifted up andslammed down onme. The shock of having yourtight hot pussy around my sensitive dick made itfeel even better.It was apleasurable pain beingin your hot furnace. When youstarted thrusting upand down, longslow strokes, Ireached for yourbreasts and startingpinching the nipples and twisting therings. This madeyou ride harder and when youleaned down tokiss me, yougave me myown cum offyour lips andmy dick gotharder.

Gordon stood up andstretched. "Me too,"he said. "I'vehad a tiringday's travel. I'mready to hit the sack." AsJennifer stood, Gordonagain took herin his armsand this timekissed her full on the lips."Good night mybeautiful sister-in-law," hesaid. "I'm really looking forward togetting to knowyou better." Asthey all wentto bed Jennifer found herself wondering whether there wasa hidden meaning in those words.Next morning bythe time Gordon came downstairs Phil had already left for work. Jenniferwas standing atthe sink washingdishes. It wasa warm summer day and shewas wearing black shorts and awhite halter top.

The guys watchingall this werecommenting about whata great guy Tom was becausehe always foundthe best andtalented sluts forhis friends towork over. Thisslut really enjoyed what she wasdoing.

Hesmiled and wekissed as hepushed himself allthe way in.When Curtis hadcompletely inserted himselfI wrapped myarms and legsaround him andheld on tightly.In no morethan ten minutes,I'd had orgasms3 through 6.After that Ilost count.

"Thatexplains your greatlegs."

Heather felt the greasy hands of two bums lifting her upand removing herpants and panties.Her bare pussywas freezing inthe frozen air.The bums carried her to largemetal garbage can.They placed ontop on alid. It wasdark right here,she could barelysee the facesof the menclimbing on topto join her.There were twothough. Four menwere undressing, thenaked one wasjerking his cock back to life.Heather knew shewas in serioustrouble now.

Anymore my husband acted like he wasobligated to fuckme, but Larrylooked like heenjoyed it andwould die happy tomorrow. Then Iwas surprised tofeel my son rubbing my ass behind me. Ilooked over myshoulder and hehad his handwrapped around hiscock, pumping away.

He thrusta few moretimes all theway out andback in againhard, finally shooting his hot cumdeep up intomy ass tunnel.We collapsed ontothe bed stilljoined, my cuntand asshole throbbinghis cock beingsqueezed inside. Hekept me nextto him, holdingme and telling me how wonderfulI was. Wekissed softly, andfell asleep stilljoined.

Hannah wasmoving a littlefaster than me.Her hand wasalready under myshirt and rollingmy nipples betweenher thumb andforefinger, alternating nipples every now andthen. I guessshe had beenpracticing on herself,because she certainlyknew what shewas doing.

Jennygrinned and noddedthankfully. "I don'tthink that willbe a problem,sugar", she said,I'd love towatch from thecloset...kinda kinky actually.And I knowfor a factthat Wayne wouldwatch you fromjust about anywhere...He'sbeen doing itfor two years anyway..." Wayne chuckled as he sawTerri blush andlook down.

"Mmmmm, she feels nice and warm,man. She's got a real hotcunt!"

"And hecompares you toa mistress," said Janine teasingly. "Howlong have youknown him --or maybe Ishould ask howwell? This mightbe a real
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